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Website for Rezonans

Drupal 6 driven website, built using third-party access control module (Taxonomy Access Control Lite) webform module (Webform), anti-spam (CAPTCHA) modulte, advanced forum module extending basic forum functionality(Advanced Forum) and others. The lack of some basic drupals modules functionality caused development of custom site-dependentmodule extending basic Drupal engine functions. Identity and design integration with drupal.

Original navigation menu concept combining menu and breadcrump functionand allowing users to understand their current location on site and to jump to adjoining site sections. A few dynamically-changing blocks and employers gallery are integrated using jQuery.

Becides, website has built-in online link management interface for company partners, developed using ExtJS library and managed locally using specific software

Main page of the website
Main page of the website
webakula web-developer
A Rezonans company
При поддержке компании Rezonans


ICQ: 436568642 (Andrey)