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Why do you need site? What is site expected to bring you?

Here are common answers:

— We want to be adequately represented on the web, so customers can easily find information about us, get to know and to learn more about our services and products. Our site should explain to the client why he should find business with us attractive. Besides, we would like to make our potential customers be able to find our company on the web...

By creating a website for you and your customers who will appear it's users, we try to achieve the goals you set, not forgetting about the needs of visitors.

Ordering site you not only get a set of web pages forming website. You also get a team that supervise the process from development and testing stage to maintaining and advertising after site has been published on the web.

Our sites are designed under control of Drupal CMS, that gives our customers following advantages:

  • Logic-based and user-friendly CMS interface, which helps to administer website, will allow you or anyone responsible for site administration to easily add and edit content pages, news , manage contact information and other site's capabilities.
  • The modern approach of template-based programming with coding and design separation allows designers not to restrict their imagination. Almost any idea can actually be implemented with the help of Drupal template engine. In addition, there is no difficulty in the further redesign and site maintening
  • Flexible and elaborated Drupal architecture allows to bring new additional functionality to drupal-based website and to expand its capabilities without resorting to a complete project reconstruction.Drupal is suitable for 90% of websites. 90 % of sites can be built using Drupal.
  • Stability and security of Drupal CMS has been checked up for years and perfected by thousands of developers, participants of the international community.
  • In future if you decide to improve, enlarge or just add new features within existing website functionality, you can ask not only for our help but also for the help of any other developers familiar with Drupal technologies.

So what are the main features we offer for a base price:

  • Website home page, simple page or page that contains some blocks, such as news.
  • Editable menu with the ability to edit it through the website administration system.
  • 5-10 basic pages: about your company, services, goods, and other information that you want to familiarize client with.
  • News with optional comments function.
  • Contacts page with feedback.
  • Optional content blocks on each or selected pages.
  • Registration, user authorization and management.

The basic price includes:

  • Website development in accordance with chosen design-template, typical structure (model) and functionality.
  • Design template you choose and its optional improvement (your logo integration, layout color-scheme change).
  • Preparing and publishing your content on website (up to 10 pages).
  • Basic Search Engines Optimization.
  • Registration in major search engines (as a part of SEO).
  • Domain.
  • Hosting your site on the web.

Additional options:

  • Site maintenance and hosting. When ordering site maintenance package, we will host your website on our servers. The cost of hosting in this case will be included in the cost of a site maintenance. Website maintenance also includes technical support in case of any technical problems, help on publishing new information on your website. The cost of a maintenance package for a standard website is 100 UAH per month or 1000 UAH per year.
  • Additional functionality features development, such as guest book, a catalogue of articles, product catalogue, on-line orders or other e-commerce modules. The cost will depend on your requirements (starting as low as 500 UAH).
  • Unique design development or substantial improvement of one chosen from existing templates gallery, adding new, especially designed or non-existing in basic layout blocks. Cost of the unique design begins at as low as 1000 UAH. If you want the website pages to contain dynamically changing elements like widgets or different pop-up windows, it can be implemented, but it must be discussed separately.
  • Site Promotion (contextual advertising (PPC), publishing advertising information on sites with the target audience, carrying on advertising campaigns , banners development). The cost of the advertising company can only be determined on the basis of advertising budget or your requirements.

If you decide to order:

To make an order you need to choose the template from the templates gallery (provided), fill out our preliminary request form and to provide us information for publishing on the website*. Based on the information provided, we estimate the work content and determine the cost of it(only if you selected any additional services that do not allow us to estimate the cost in the automatic mode on the website). If the cost fits your budget, you are to sign a contract and pay 50% prepayment. After site development has been completed you are involved in website testing stage to test your site and if satisfied you pay another 50% according to contract commitments.

You must provide us all the texts, images and photos to be published on website's pages. For the design based on one of our templates implementation, you must also provide your logo or a picture that will be included in the template.

If any additional questions you can ask them using the contact information.

Choose template → Fill application form →

Basic site development usually takes up to 5 days in case you didn't choose any additional features not included into basic site development package otherwise this time required may vary.

Для заказа вам необходимо выбрать шаблон сайта и оформить заявку на разработку.


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